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Eager to bring awareness? We have a button for you!

Eager to bring awareness? We have a button for you!

This site is run by founders Mx. Brit Hoagland and Mrs. Samantha Boyd on the behalf of all people subjected the new and discriminatory public nudity ordinance in Fort Collins, Colorado. Currently, the founders and plaintiffs de facto are perusing legal action via a class action lawsuit to eradicate subsection (b) of the ordinance on the basis of violating the 14th Amendment.

"(b) No female who is ten (10) years of age or older shall knowingly appear in any public place with her breast exposed below the top of the areola and nipple while located:
(1) In a public right-of-way, in a natural area, recreation area or trail, or recreation center, in a public building, in a public square, or while located in any other public place; or
(2) On private property if the person is in a place that can be viewed from the ground level by another who is located on public property and who does not take extraordinary steps, such as climbing a ladder or peering over a screening fence, in order to achieve a point of vantage.
(3) Public place in this Section shall be defined as in Section (a)(3) above."

We reject that "family values" are preserved through sexist discrimination, queer-erasure, victim blaming and the targeting of minors. We encourage you to search through our website to understand the full scope of our activism and sign up for the latest developments via our email newsletter.

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